weekly tweet roundup

  • wifi at #wcto needs improvement. #
  • got wrong hashtag. at #wcto listening to @austingunter from @wpengine. good presentation. #
  • neat. had no idea that bravenewcode was founded by 2 canucks. #
  • Not happy with Wi-Fi at # wpto. Terrible. #
  • Great session by Victor Granic on WordPress security #wpto #
  • Hangin' out at #wcto #
  • a $199 45 GHz, 90 gflop computer. very tempting, but not sure what I'd do with it. neat project though. #
  • don't need one of these but very tempted to get one – cheap stereolithographic 3d printer. with frickin' lasers. #
  • hmm. laundry detergent that helps clean the air of pollutants by using titanium dioxide. #
  • an OK article about big data. i think big data will have a huge impact on things. #
  • enterprise tech plays (or "sv wallflowers" as the article describes them) now hot. not surprising. and good for them. #
  • meeting a troll. worth a read. not just a troll – what's described is, imho, far beyond that – it's criminal assault. #
  • i've seen some v. cool uses of kinect tech. this has got to be the best so far – real time mapping 4 search/rescue. #
  • how could you *not* read a story that mentions electromagnetic airplane slingshots (that are real)? #
  • well. this is neat. i have an invite to @tedxtoronto 2012. woohoo! #
  • interesting article on the market for ipv4 addresses. #
  • totally stealing this idea. from now on, getting our tech support to write contracts and admin folks to litigate. #
  • apple copies clock design. somewhat ironic, no? #

Technology lawyer in Toronto.

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Recent Tweets

  • had no idea they’ve started using aerogel in clothing. so much for down. 6 days ago
  • just a bit ironic: revenge porn king demands that google remove links to his information. good luck with that. 7 days ago
  • paper suggests that babies with two biological fathers is a possibility. interesting. 7 days ago
  • don’t care about fonts? you should. ease of reading found to influence acceptance as truth. fascinating stuff. 1 week ago
  • “the only way to address the security compromise is to recall and replace every SIM sold by gemalto.” 1 week ago
  • nsa wants backdoor to all encryption. this again? anyone remember clipper? what’s left that they have broken anyway? 1 week ago
  • linus 4.0 to be dubbed “”hurr durr i’ma sheep”. ah, the power of crowdsourcing. 1 week ago
  • pcell technology to provide vastly more efficient cell networks. sounds promising. 1 week ago
  • i like all clever tech, not just it: new beehive allows honey to be harvested by turning a tap. very clever. 1 week ago
  • more details on nsa/equation group hard drive malware. in short, you can’t get rid of it. ever. 1 week ago

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