This site was created and is maintained by me, David Ma. For the technical details of the site, please see the colophon. For the details on me, peek at my¬†LinkedIn profile. The short story is that I’m a corporate/commercial lawyer in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), specializing in technology-related transactions and companies.

Why this site? Primarily as an outlet to make personal and informal observations on developments in the technology industry as I see them. And to let me poke around with a little bit of technology.

Views expressed here are solely my own. Don’t rely on anything on this site as if it were legal advice (or for that matter “legal information”), because it’s not. Questions? Feedback? Feel free to e-mail me or contact me through LinkedIn, or if you like, by carrier pigeon.

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  • on a more serious note, if this tech scales & is cost effective, wonder what impact it might have on satellite/mobile…. 2 days ago
  • thanks to facebook, you will soon be able to view funny cat videos while in antarctica. 2 days ago
  • casetext seems like a handy tool for writing legal articles. too bad it seems to cover only the us. 3 days ago
  • intel/micron unveil storage 1000x faster & 10x denser than SSDs. available next year. wow. 3 days ago
  • the business rationale for lifetime upgrades for windows 10, plus the approach for corporate users. interesting. 3 days ago
  • while typing patterns can be used for authentication, they can also be used to unmask anonymity. slightly worrisome. 4 days ago
  • crtc orders canadian incumbent carriers to share fibre with competitors. 1 week ago
  • toronto fails to get injunction against uber – court says by-law doesn’t capture what uber does. interesting. 2 weeks ago
  • consultant alleges oracle uses audits and breach notices to persuade customers to buy more. hmmm. 2 weeks ago
  • the “business models” of cybercrime. interesting look at how they make their money and how much they make. 2 weeks ago

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