This site was created and is maintained by me, David Ma. For the technical details of the site, please see the colophon. For the details on me, peek at my LinkedIn profile. The short story is that I’m a corporate/commercial lawyer in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), specializing in technology-related transactions and companies.

Why this site? Primarily as an outlet to make personal and informal observations on developments in the technology industry as I see them. And to let me poke around with a little bit of technology.

Views expressed here are solely my own. Don’t rely on anything on this site as if it were legal advice (or for that matter “legal information”), because it’s not. Questions? Feedback? Feel free to e-mail me or contact me through LinkedIn, or if you like, by carrier pigeon.

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Recent Tweets

  • clever idea – jump on brings airbnb approach using unused jets for cheap flights. 15 hours ago
  • sec finalizes and adopts regulation a+ (rules governing crowdfunding). 5 days ago
  • apparently amazon’s unlimited storage is not available in canada. oh well. 5 days ago
  • we have now officially reached the pinnacle of 3d printing: behold, the pancake-bot. 6 days ago
  • tennessee sues fcc to block expansion of municipal broadband. 6 days ago
  • amazon’s unlimited storage would be great, if it worked: “We’re sorry! There was an internal error in our system.” 6 days ago
  • exoskeleton that serves as a wearable chair of sorts. quite clever. 6 days ago
  • amazon offers unlimited cloud storage for us$60/yr. <scratches head, tries to figure out what the catch is> 6 days ago
  • the consequences of unplanned death on your digital legacy aren’t pretty, especially if you use good security. 1 week ago
  • what i find fascinating about this is the huge impact on car design that self-driving can (and should) have. 1 week ago

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