This site was created and is maintained by me, David Ma. For the technical details of the site, please see the colophon. For the details on me, peek at my¬†LinkedIn profile. The short story is that I’m a corporate/commercial lawyer in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), specializing in technology-related transactions and companies.

Why this site? Primarily as an outlet to make personal and informal observations on developments in the technology industry as I see them. And to let me poke around with a little bit of technology.

Views expressed here are solely my own. Don’t rely on anything on this site as if it were legal advice (or for that matter “legal information”), because it’s not. Questions? Feedback? Feel free to e-mail me or contact me through LinkedIn, or if you like, by carrier pigeon.

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Recent Tweets

  • “proprietary personality detection technology” helps you craft e-mails tailored to recipient’s personality. hmmm. 1 day ago
  • how nsa quantum insert attacks work, and how to detect them. interesting stuff. 1 day ago
  • online lenders automate underwriting to make smaller loans economically feasible. clever. 1 day ago
  • tesla’s new home battery is interesting, but wouldn’t it make more sense for power cos to do on a larger scale? 3 days ago
  • dhs concerned about “deeper encryption in response to demands of the mktplace”. can’t imagine why there’d be demand. 4 days ago
  • are car (and tractor) makers using copyrighted to “destroy the very idea” of ownership? hmmm. some tricky issues. 5 days ago
  • us reg a+ (crowdfunding rules) expected to be published in fed register on monday, so expected effective date of june 19. 6 days ago
  • process that replicates 20 years of aging for spirits in 6 days. impressive. 2 weeks ago
  • for those who enjoy obscure tech trivia: why the c drive is the c drive. sadly, i’m old enough to remember firsthand. 3 weeks ago
  • thingstudio – a platform to easily create mobile apps for diy (and other) iot stuff. neat. 3 weeks ago

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