weekly tweet roundup

  • scientists create stem cells from regular cells. using plasmids. you know, like in bioshock. but apparently real. #
  • interesting take on gaming companies' complaints about windows 8 – worried about competition? #
  • bitcoin in a legal gray area. wasn't this on the good wife last year? #
  • neat. touch and pressure sensitive keyboard. smart idea. thinner too. #
  • ebay bans sale of spells, magic. ashame. i had my eye on the varmpire mistress sex spirit. #
  • renewed interest in analog computing due to much lower power consumption. #
  • good luck with that AT&T. RT @wired: AT&T claims that charging more for FaceTime is not a breach of net neutrailty: #
  • wow. RIM less than 5% market share. 5th behind zte. who's zte? #
  • tired of vendors slapping "cloud" on their services and thinking that automatically gives them a pass on ridiculous terms. grr. #
  • bitcoin debit/credit card. quite surprised at the rate of progress of bitcoin. #
  • oh noes. the silicon valley sky is falling. useless navel gazing. if it does, it does. if it doesn't, great. #
  • is it my imagination, or is toronto the "f*** you" capital of twitter? east coast anyway. #
  • @asana is down. help. i don't know what to do next. #

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Recent Tweets

  • on a more serious note, if this tech scales & is cost effective, wonder what impact it might have on satellite/mobile…. 2 days ago
  • thanks to facebook, you will soon be able to view funny cat videos while in antarctica. 2 days ago
  • casetext seems like a handy tool for writing legal articles. too bad it seems to cover only the us. 2 days ago
  • intel/micron unveil storage 1000x faster & 10x denser than SSDs. available next year. wow. 3 days ago
  • the business rationale for lifetime upgrades for windows 10, plus the approach for corporate users. interesting. 3 days ago
  • while typing patterns can be used for authentication, they can also be used to unmask anonymity. slightly worrisome. 3 days ago
  • crtc orders canadian incumbent carriers to share fibre with competitors. 1 week ago
  • toronto fails to get injunction against uber – court says by-law doesn’t capture what uber does. interesting. 1 week ago
  • consultant alleges oracle uses audits and breach notices to persuade customers to buy more. hmmm. 2 weeks ago
  • the “business models” of cybercrime. interesting look at how they make their money and how much they make. 2 weeks ago

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