weekly tweet roundup

  • not appreciating the google apps rigamarole on multiple devices. #
  • linked in. down again. "momentarily". <grumble, grumble> #
  • automagically create 3d models from photos. then have it made. neat. #
  • on the employability of philosophy majors. #
  • migrating from personal google to google apps (or rather inability to) is a royal pain. #
  • i for one welcome our extremely fast cheetah-like sprinting robotic overlords. #
  • dammit. figures. 2 days after i buy a nexus 7, kindle launches a cheaper, better tablet. #
  • Ethernet standard (802.3) gets updated by IEEE. I've always liked wires more. #
  • seinfeld rails against iphone cases. i'm not as offended, but meh, why bother? #
  • best piece out of the many i've read on whole apple/udid/fbi debacle. worth a read. #
  • great piece on tesla's selling model and the existing auto distro system. h/t @spelton #

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Recent Tweets

  • tesla’s powerwall by the numbers: not great for regular power, but quite cost-effective as a ups. 2 days ago
  • dufl packs, cleans & ships suitcase. very clever. a bit pricey but would be quite handy for frequent travel. 2 days ago
  • nasa validates em drive operation in vacuum. this imho is revolutionary. really hope it’s not a prank or something. 2 days ago
  • dea agent responsible for investigating silk road arrested for his own (alleged) shenanigans. interesting read. 3 days ago
  • ms launches free cross-platform (!) code editor. the times, they are a-changin’. 4 days ago
  • initial hands on reviews of ms’ hololens make it sound very promising indeed. 4 days ago
  • hate to say it, but the aba journal’s list of the top 10 innovations in legal practice is somewhat underwhelming. 4 days ago
  • overstock registers to sell securities based on blockchain (i.e. bitcoin) technology – no stock market needed. wow. 6 days ago
  • “proprietary personality detection technology” helps you craft e-mails tailored to recipient’s personality. hmmm. 1 week ago
  • how nsa quantum insert attacks work, and how to detect them. interesting stuff. 1 week ago

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