weekly tweet roundup

  • on lawyers, patents, wish-granting beings and defined terms. intrigued, aren't you? #
  • am i the only one creeped out by the faceless head now on the UL corner of chrome? #
  • why does chrome suck up so much memory? #
  • simple (but very smart) idea. use something other than jets to taxi planes. always wondered why they didn't. #
  • fascinating predictions by ieee on the implications of autonomous cars. most make a lot of sense. #
  • surprising. new pricing and features for office 365 quite tempting. #
  • unpinned: igoogle, google+, klout, linked in. pinned: google apps, asana, feedly. #
  • neat but scary RT @ChHsiang: Getting into any readers' minds through #eBook #analytics – this gets me so excited!! #
  • trying out feedly to replace igoogle. so far, very nice indeed. #
  • warp drive in our lifetimes? nasa guy suggests it's "possible". nice to dream but call me cynical. #

Technology lawyer in Toronto.

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  • “proprietary personality detection technology” helps you craft e-mails tailored to recipient’s personality. hmmm. 1 day ago
  • how nsa quantum insert attacks work, and how to detect them. interesting stuff. 1 day ago
  • online lenders automate underwriting to make smaller loans economically feasible. clever. 1 day ago
  • tesla’s new home battery is interesting, but wouldn’t it make more sense for power cos to do on a larger scale? 3 days ago
  • dhs concerned about “deeper encryption in response to demands of the mktplace”. can’t imagine why there’d be demand. 4 days ago
  • are car (and tractor) makers using copyrighted to “destroy the very idea” of ownership? hmmm. some tricky issues. 5 days ago
  • us reg a+ (crowdfunding rules) expected to be published in fed register on monday, so expected effective date of june 19. 6 days ago
  • process that replicates 20 years of aging for spirits in 6 days. impressive. 2 weeks ago
  • for those who enjoy obscure tech trivia: why the c drive is the c drive. sadly, i’m old enough to remember firsthand. 3 weeks ago
  • thingstudio – a platform to easily create mobile apps for diy (and other) iot stuff. neat. 3 weeks ago

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