weekly tweet roundup

  • on lawyers, patents, wish-granting beings and defined terms. intrigued, aren't you? #
  • am i the only one creeped out by the faceless head now on the UL corner of chrome? #
  • why does chrome suck up so much memory? #
  • simple (but very smart) idea. use something other than jets to taxi planes. always wondered why they didn't. #
  • fascinating predictions by ieee on the implications of autonomous cars. most make a lot of sense. #
  • surprising. new pricing and features for office 365 quite tempting. #
  • unpinned: igoogle, google+, klout, linked in. pinned: google apps, asana, feedly. #
  • neat but scary RT @ChHsiang: Getting into any readers' minds through #eBook #analytics – this gets me so excited!! #
  • trying out feedly to replace igoogle. so far, very nice indeed. #
  • warp drive in our lifetimes? nasa guy suggests it's "possible". nice to dream but call me cynical. #

Technology lawyer in Toronto.

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  • sec finalizes and adopts regulation a+ (rules governing crowdfunding). 2 days ago
  • apparently amazon’s unlimited storage is not available in canada. oh well. 2 days ago
  • we have now officially reached the pinnacle of 3d printing: behold, the pancake-bot. 2 days ago
  • tennessee sues fcc to block expansion of municipal broadband. 3 days ago
  • amazon’s unlimited storage would be great, if it worked: “We’re sorry! There was an internal error in our system.” 3 days ago
  • exoskeleton that serves as a wearable chair of sorts. quite clever. 3 days ago
  • amazon offers unlimited cloud storage for us$60/yr. <scratches head, tries to figure out what the catch is> 3 days ago
  • the consequences of unplanned death on your digital legacy aren’t pretty, especially if you use good security. 4 days ago
  • what i find fascinating about this is the huge impact on car design that self-driving can (and should) have. 4 days ago
  • facebook open sources tool to optimize app and website performance. 5 days ago

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