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Technology lawyer in Toronto.

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Recent Tweets

  • update on anonabox – suspended by kickstarter for breaking the rules (i.e. lying). 3 days ago
  • anonabox (plug and play tor router) raises $600K (and a lot of controversy) on kickstarter. maybe best to avoid. 3 days ago
  • cold fusion device verified by (reputable) third party researchers. color me skeptical, but intrigued. 3 days ago
  • wow – lockheed reveals a compact fusion reactor improving power/size factor 10x. think fusion powered planes. 3 days ago
  • interesting piece on german attitudes toward (some) tech companies. 6 days ago
  • symantec announces split of company – security and info management. splits seem popular this week… 1 week ago
  • tesla’s new d – 0-60 in 3.2, 691 hp, 1/4 mi in 11.8, same range, autopilot that can read posted speeds. wow! 1 week ago
  • feds claim hacking silk road required no warrant – no 4th amendment protection as it was hosted outside the us. 2 weeks ago
  • interested in an apple 1 mobo? only $400K. otoh, oil painting of gates – $700. 2 weeks ago
  • good piece on how exploiting a glitch in a poker machine led to (unwarranted imho) arrests. 2 weeks ago

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