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no privacy right in identity linked to ip address

The Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision in R v. Ward earlier today. The case involved the conviction of a worthless low-life pedophile by the name of David Ward. The police were able to find him due, in part,

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it.can 16th annual conference

Does IT form a part of your practice area? If so, then you won’t want to miss IT.Can’s Annual Conference, taking place in Montreal this coming October 29-30. The conference ¬†offers an array of interesting, cutting edge IT, IP and

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presentation on development agreements

Alas, it has been far too long since I’ve posted anything. That being said, I have amassed a nice collection of half-completed posts which have all but lost any relevance or interest. Something I’ll need to work on, I suppose.

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the gizmodo/jason chen/search warrant debacle

There have been many views expressed on both the propriety of Gizmodo breaking the story on the next-gen iPhone as well as the subsequent search warrant executed by the police against Jason Chen, the Gizmodo reporter that broke the story.

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being an employee and a (potential) entrepreneur

Apologies to my loyal readers for the extended blog absence. What can I say – I was perhaps discouraged by the recent pronouncement in wired that blogging was dead – and that twitter is the Next Big Thing. In any

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after one gpl body blow, skype yells uncle

As most of you probably know, there has been a case that just went to court earlier today in Germany on the GPL. It had been described by Harald Welte as one of the more time consuming cases he has

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antigua – sun, fun and… pirates?

Probably only catching up on things as its been quite busy and alas this blog is unfortunately low on the list of priorities… Anyway, I was stunned to read in Variety that The government of Antigua is likely to abrogate

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conversion of data (and not the conversion you’re probably thinking of)

Very interesting piece from Duane Morris on a case in New York. My ultra short summary of the summary: Insurance company leases computer to agent. Agent puts all his business and personal data on it. Insurance company terminates agency, takes

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first us gpl lawsuit filed

Surprising. I’ve read about cases going to court in Europe and naturally assumed, given the litigious environment of the US, that something had happened long ago stateside. So, I was a bit surprised to hear about the first GPL lawsuit

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the internet: how not to learn to commit crimes

A story in the the Daily Record. The phrase “the thing speaks for itself” (which is one of those handy latin phrases I learned in law school but almost never use, except of course in blog posts – res ipsa

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  • update on anonabox – suspended by kickstarter for breaking the rules (i.e. lying). 3 days ago
  • anonabox (plug and play tor router) raises $600K (and a lot of controversy) on kickstarter. maybe best to avoid. 3 days ago
  • cold fusion device verified by (reputable) third party researchers. color me skeptical, but intrigued. 3 days ago
  • wow – lockheed reveals a compact fusion reactor improving power/size factor 10x. think fusion powered planes. 3 days ago
  • interesting piece on german attitudes toward (some) tech companies. 6 days ago
  • symantec announces split of company – security and info management. splits seem popular this week… 1 week ago
  • tesla’s new d – 0-60 in 3.2, 691 hp, 1/4 mi in 11.8, same range, autopilot that can read posted speeds. wow! 1 week ago
  • feds claim hacking silk road required no warrant – no 4th amendment protection as it was hosted outside the us. 2 weeks ago
  • interested in an apple 1 mobo? only $400K. otoh, oil painting of gates – $700. 2 weeks ago
  • good piece on how exploiting a glitch in a poker machine led to (unwarranted imho) arrests. 2 weeks ago

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