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no privacy right in identity linked to ip address

The Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision in R v. Ward earlier today. The case involved the conviction of a worthless low-life pedophile by the name of David Ward. The police were able to find him due, in part,

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social media, privacy and discovery

I read with interest a story about a recent case in the US involving a personal injury claim. In short: Campa Construction Corporation argued it should be granted access to Pedro Caraballo’s Facebook, Myspace and Twitter accounts, including to his

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how not to use social media

It never ceases to amaze me how some folks manage to mess things up when it comes to social media. I could perhaps understand it a few years ago, when Facebook and LinkedIn weren’t all that popular just yet, and

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new canadian privacy and anti-spam laws – updated again

Update 2: Here is a redline showing the changes from the November, 2009 version of ECPA to the May 25 version of FISA, in Word and PDF. The Word version shows the wording of some existing provisions which FISA is

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woman sues rogers for exposing affair to husband

Can mobile carriers be liable for divorce? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. There was a story in the Toronto Star this morning that told of a woman who is suing Rogers for $600,000 because her husband left her.

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alberta enacts breach notification requirement

Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Amendment Act, 2009 came into effect over the weekend (May 1, to be precise). The amendments included a variety of changes but perhaps most notably include a new notification requirement if an organization experiences a security

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“Anonymized” data really isn’t—and here’s why not – Ars Technica

You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it. So spoke Scott McNealy more than a decade ago. At the time he made this statement, he received a fair amount of criticism. Turns out, he might very well have had a

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norwich orders, part ii (an editorial of sorts)

<rant> I was a bit surprised to find this article that covered the court orders that had required Google to disclose information on some Gmail users and the subsequent orders in Canada against certain Canadian ISPs, which was the subject

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data/privacy breaches – costs are increasing – time for investment?

An interesting piece in E-Commerce News about a new report from PGP and Poneman about the cost of data/privacy/security breaches and the reasons for them. Some excerpts: Data breach incidents cost U.S. companies US$202 per compromised customer record last year

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skadden’s 2008 it law review

Great recap of significant developments in US IT/e-commerce law from the folks at Skadden. Well worth the read if you’re into such things.

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