willy wonka’s ip policy

Ran across the article “What’s Good for Willy Wonka is Good for America” while reading about the sad demise of a company called Miller & Kriesel, which I like (liked?) quite a bit. Ken Kriesel referred to this article in an intereview, so I thought it would be worth reading.

Not that I necessarily agree with what the article alludes to when it comes to policy for safeguarding one’s IP, but noneless an interesting take on IP lessons to be learned from the world’s most famous (albeit fictional) chocolatier:

When it came to internal IP theft, Willy Wonka did not mess around, and others can learn from his success.

Oh, BTW, in case you’re curious, M&K were the folks that invented the concept of the subwoofer and, I think, if not invented, at least helped pioneer surround sound. They’re also the folks that Lucasfilm (I guess perhaps until recently) used for all the speakers in all their studios. The story of their demise can be found relatively easily – suffice it to say, think twice before bringing your key IP over to China.