you know its time to stop blogging when…

Well. From the “this is rather sad, isn’t it” department, The Register reports on how blogging has now become part of official employment duties at some shops:

According to an official release from the group, Ged Doherty, chairman and chief executive of SonyBMG in UK and Ireland, said the company “has made it obligatory for all senior staff at both Columbia Records and RCA Records to start blogging actively”.

So what happens to staff who refuse to toe the corporate line, or perhaps fail to produce the required quantity of blog blather?

We had to find out.

A spokesperson for SonyBMG told us “you won’t be sacked for failing to blog”, but added, rather ominously: “If you don’t blog, it’s going to be frowned upon. Ged has made it clear that staff are expected to blog and participate in the community. He sees it as part of people’s jobs.”

Surprising to say the least. Wasn’t there a time not long ago when one could get fired for blogging? If memory serves the term was “dooced”, after the blog of the same name. Rather ironic to now hear this.

Dunno – seems rather to take a bit of the fun and spontaneity out of it if its actually part of the job. And isn’t that what makes blogs interesting in the first place? I can’t imagine things being very spontaneous if someone is “frowning upon” you for not blogging, particularly when the person doing the frowning happens to be your boss.