tweet digest for week ended 2012-04-29

  • apparently, i'm a bit of a prat. #klouchebag #asshattery #
  • i wonder – would there be a facebook if zuckerberg had been held to the same std? #
  • i find it laughable that i have a higher #klout score than ron conway or the aflac duck (49, if you're curious). #
  • wow. lawyer's response to cease & desist prompts expression of "deep & profound love love for a lawyer". #
  • social media explained simply and cogently. #
  • world's best used car ad. wonder if this could be applied to marketing legal services. #
  • i wonder if there is a higher prevalence of dunning-kruger amongst lawyers. sometimes seems to be the case… #
  • google drive seems to work quite nicely, just like dropbox. #