tweet digest for week ended 2012-06-24

  • watching the livestream for the first tesla model s deliveries. i'm definitely a fan. #
  • read popehat's coverage on the oatmeal/carreon thing. well worth the time. #
  • eff is now stepping in on the whole oatmeal/carreon/funnyjunk debacle. #
  • how cool is this? sebastian thrun (google) teaches you how to program a self-driving car! #
  • english translation of the original paper on the uncanny valley. a great read. #
  • eff survey on the extent to which sites protect your info from gov't demands. #
  • quite a good article on the implications of self-driving cars. fascinating stuff. #
  • 15 mbps is now considered "entry level" in the us. fios now up to 300 mbps. i'm living in the wrong country. #
  • wow. just wow. this is why some folks hate lawyers. the ongoing saga of oatmeal, funnyjunk and carreon. #