best line i’ve read today…

is about Android Jelly Bean, from the lovely folks at Gizmodo:

Android’s base no longer looks like the drunken hookup impregnation of GeoCities by Tron

The rest of the article isn’t too bad – a reasonable review of Jelly Bean by an admittedly biased user (i.e. Apple fanboy).

Short and meaningless posts over the next little while – quite busy at the day job. Also have taken perhaps the decidedly horrendous step of trying to learn a thing or two about nginx, apc, ssh2 and getting reacquainted (and trying to remember) things like sudo service mysqld start.┬áThe last time I used sudo was to say sudo make me a sandwich. Which, perhaps somewhat sadly, I still find very funny.

In case you’re wondering, I’m thinking, perhaps somewhat masochistically, of moving this little blog to a VPS so I can get load times down from 4 s to less than 2. I suppose its somewhat like the geek equivalent of guys who take apart engine blocks. I say “somewhat” because those guys usually know exactly what they’re doing.

On another completely unrelated note, very interesting story in TechCrunch on The Khan Academy’s new portal to teach computer science. If you have young kids and an interest in technology (or they do), worth a read. Not sure if introducing my 6 y/o to it would be a good thing. I have these visions of a 10 year camped in front a computer at 2 am with a bunch of empty Red Bull cans and dark circles under his eyes, tapping away, with a view to an exit event at 15…