a refreshing c&d letter

That’s “cease and desist” for you non-lawyer types out there. Not often that I use the words “cease and desist” and “refreshing” in the same sentence. But completely appropriate for this story that highlights a trademark infringement cease and desist letter sent out by Jack Daniel’s trademark lawyer that is actually civil and polite.

I think it’s a good illustration that lawyers don’t necessarily need to engage in overbearing, high-handed or brow-beating tactics all the time to protect the interests of their clients. Compare and contrast this, for example, to the approach taken by one Charles Carreon.

Congratulations Christy Susman – I think you’ve earned a lot of fans (and prospective clients). And deservedly so. And who knows, maybe I’ll pick up a bottle of Jack on the way home. It sounds a lot tastier.

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Tip o’ the fedora to Jeanette Lee.