no driving and typing – now law

A new law that bans using hand-held devices to talk, email, or send text messages while behind the wheel has been passed by the Ontario legislature.

The new rules, which don’t come into effect immediately, include a fine of up to $500 as the province joins other jurisdictions in cracking down on drivers using the devices.

via the CBC website.

About damned time. See my previous rant on the topic.

can’t do it in new jersey

V. quick one (things r busy) from The Reg (gotta love those Brits) – story on how…

Authorities in New Jersey are considering making it an offence to send text messages while driving.

Interesting timing given my prior little rant.  Quoth an Assemblyman from the state:

“It requires you to completely take your eyes off the road. I see people driving down the street using both their thumbs to send a text message, and I can only imagine they are steering with their knees.”

Ah, so that’s how they do it – I was wondering whether it was the elbows or the knees. My only thought – its not an offence already? I wonder whether it is here (Canada)…